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Orthopaedic implant fixation is strongly dependant upon the effective mechanical properties of newly formed tissue. In this study, we evaluated the potential of modal analysis to derive viscoelastic properties of periprosthetic tissue. We hypothesized that Young's modulus and loss factor could be obtained by a combined theoretical, computational and(More)
Interface conditions are of prime importance for implant fixation in the early post-operative period and modelling of specific biochemical interactions at implant surface is still missing. We hypothesized that updating osteoblast adhesion properties and growth factor source in an active zone located at the implant surface was relevant to model biochemical(More)
A theoretical rationale, which could help in the investigation of mechanobiological factors affecting periprosthetic tissue healing, is still an open problem. We used a parametric sensitivity analysis to extend a theoretical model based on reactive transport and computational cell biology. The numerical experimentation involved the drill hole, the(More)
The nutlet (mericarp) morphology of 12 Salvia L. (Lamiaceae: sub-family Nepetoideae: tribe Mentheae: sub-tribe Salviinae) taxa from Turkey, including five endemic taxa, was examined using scanning electronmicroscopy: Salvia bracteataBanks et Sol., S. cadmica Boiss., S. blepharoclaena Hedge et Hub.-Mor., S. cryptantha Montbret et Aucher ex Bentham, S.(More)
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