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The cerebellum, even when not directly damaged, is potentially interesting for understanding the adaptive responses to brain injury. Cerebellar electrocortical activity (ECoG) in rats was studied using spectral and fractal analysis after single and repeated unilateral injury of the parietal cortex. Local field potentials of cerebellar paravermal cortex were(More)
We investigated cerebellar electrocortical activity before and after unilateral brain injury in anesthetized rats. Spectral analysis of cerebellar activity was obtained by Fast Fourier Transformation. There was a dominance of delta frequency range, while the wide gamma range presented no more than 5% of the total mean power spectra of cerebellar activity(More)
With application of the Higuchi algorithm, fractal dimension (FD) values of the electrocortical activity of the rat parietal cerebral and paravermal cerebellar cortex were calculated, before and after unilateral discrete injury of the left parietal cortex. Immediately following the first acute injury, in a group of six rats, a reversible increase in mean FD(More)
We recorded electrocortical activity in anesthetized rats and constructed k(max) new self-similar time series, applying Higuchi's algorithm. The aim of this study was to estimate value of the parameter k(max) in order to obtain fractal dimension values as an optimum measure of biosignal change. After our analysis, electrocortical activity recordings(More)
We investigated the rat brain activity in acute seizures evoked by camphor essential oil or its main constituent 1,8-cineole by wavelet (primarily) and fractal analysis. Experiments were performed on anesthetized animals before and after intraperitoneal camphor oil or cineole administration. The properties of frequency bands in pre-ictal, ictal and(More)
INTRODUCTION The quality of life is a multidimensional concept, which is best expressed by the subjective well-being. Evaluation of the quality of life is the basis for measuring the well-being, and the determination of factors that determine the quality of life quality is the basis for its improvement. OBJECTIVE To evaluate and assess the determinants of(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of varying sampling frequencies on fractal analysis of artificial and cerebellar signals. Applying Higuchi's algorithm, we calculated fractal dimension (FD) values of sinus function and rat cerebellar signals (before and after acute brain injury). Various sampling frequences of an artificial signal (as of(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the righting reflex from a supine to a prone position in the albino guinea pig fetus. Ultrasound examinations of one-fetus gestations were performed in the period from the 31st to the 66th day of gestation. The experimental and control group each encompassed 6 fetuses. Fetuses were brought into supine positions relative(More)
INTRODUCTION Reproductive health of women is determined by females' demographic and socio-economic characteristics, their behaviour, and the complex of environmental factors. OBJECTIVE The paper examines the predictive impact of personal and environmental characteristics, health and healthcare characteristics regarding the most important aspects of(More)
INTRODUCTION Any research of reproductive health has to encompass the relevant connotations of this complex term. In order to establish relevant multidimensional characteristics, it is necessary to assess intercorrelations of the characteristics most commonly used to describe it. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to describe the characteristics of reproductive health(More)
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