G. Grbic

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The cerebellum, even when not directly damaged, is potentially interesting for understanding the adaptive responses to brain injury. Cerebellar electrocortical activity (ECoG) in rats was studied using spectral and fractal analysis after single and repeated unilateral injury of the parietal cortex. Local field potentials of cerebellar paravermal cortex were(More)
With application of the Higuchi algorithm, fractal dimension (FD) values of the electrocortical activity of the rat parietal cerebral and paravermal cerebellar cortex were calculated, before and after unilateral discrete injury of the left parietal cortex. Immediately following the first acute injury, in a group of six rats, a reversible increase in mean FD(More)
We investigated cerebellar electrocortical activity before and after unilateral brain injury in anesthetized rats. Spectral analysis of cerebellar activity was obtained by Fast Fourier Transformation. There was a dominance of delta frequency range, while the wide gamma range presented no more than 5% of the total mean power spectra of cerebellar activity(More)
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