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A previously healthy 35-year-old man suddenly developed vertebrobasilar ischaemia while playing tennis. Cerebral arteriography revealed a dissecting aneurysm of the cervical portion of both vertebral arteries. The neurological deficit and the angiographic features resolved with anticoagulant treatment alone. Only 15 patients with non-traumatic extracranial(More)
The authors report their experience in the treatment of 15 cases in thoracolumbar metastases with spinal cord compression. A decompressive laminectomy was routinely performed and followed by a transversoarthropediculectomy. Most part of the neoplastic tissue was removed from the epidural space, vertebral body and retroperitoneal or retro-pleural areas.(More)
A previously healthy 24 year old woman presented a progressive paraplegia during the third trimester of her second pregnancy. Partial improvement occurred after caesarian. The neuroradiological study revealed spinal cord compression by an extensive corporeo-pedicular angioma of the T2 vertebrae. Almost total recovery occurred after selective embolization.(More)
This study of juvenile distal cerebral ischaemia is based on 55 patients aged from 18 to 30 years. The authors describe the circumstances of discovery, as well as the clinical features and the course of the disease which may be severe and lead to non-resolutive neurological accidents and sometimes dementia. Paraclinical evaluation includes capillaroscopy,(More)