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This paper presents the results of the project MIAU, a data mining approach for intrusion detection alert correlation. MIAU combines different data mining techniques in order to properly solve some existing problems in the management and analysis of alerts generated by actual intrusion detection systems. Some of these data mining methods and their(More)
A cell planning technique termed BRD (bandwidth and region division) is presented for overcoming interference, maintaining QoS (quality of service) and improving channel capacity over OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing)- based broadband cellular networks. Through an optimal combination of sectorization and zero padding, bandwidth and region(More)
In this paper is presented the design of a discrete control system with double loop for a photovoltaic system using interleaved two levels boost converter. For design of discrete compensators used in this work the delay time of the digital systems is considered in order to improve response of controllers. An easy method to design the compensators it is(More)
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