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UNLABELLED INTRODUCTION. Brachytherapy with real-time technique allows the ultrasound transperineal implant of needles and the release of I125 seeds in the prostate, with intraoperative dosimetry carried out by a special software. After performing this seed-releasing technique on 160 patients, we present 15 cases treated with strand seeds using the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the dose-response relationship (D90 >144 Gy: probable absence of biochemical failure) in patients with prostate cancer treated by iodine-125 (I-125) brachytherapy. MATERIAL AND METHODS From May 1999 to December 2006, 150 patients were treated by I-125 brachytherapy. The median follow-up was 60 months. All patients had clinical stage(More)
The authors have addressed the problem of dose distribution calculation accuracy when irregularly shaped electron beams are used and structural dishomogeneities are present. The mathematical model used for the electrons from the "scattering foil" and from the colimator walls is the "gaussian pencil beam", and the total dose is obtained by adding to the(More)
INTRODUCTION The multileaf collimator (MLC) now commercially available as an integral or optional retrofit component of linear accelerator heads, permitting to shield automatically irregular fields by computerized movements of multiple tungsten leaves. In the present paper we discuss the main characteristics of different MLC versions, MLC dosimetric(More)
Adequate irradiation of regional lymph-nodes in selected patients seems to improve disease-free and over-all survival rates. Technically, regional lymph-nodes are generally treated separately (supra-infra clavicular, apex of axilla and internal mammary chain-IMC). About the treatment of the IMC nodes, there are two main problems: the identification of the(More)
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