G. Geethakumari

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Online Social Networking has gained huge popularity amongst the masses. It is common for the users of Online Social Networks (OSNs) to share information with digital friends but in the bargain they loose privacy. Users are unaware of the privacy risks involved when they share their sensitive information in the network. The users should be aware of their(More)
While cloud computing continues to advance as a technology, its security is still perceived as a major concern in the corporate world. Several approaches are being considered in order to resolve the security issues so that the maximum potential of cloud computing can be exploited. Cloud forensics is one such approach that attempts to provide the requisite(More)
Cloud computing has recently emerged as a technology to allow users to access infrastructure, storage, software and deployment environment based on a pay-for-what-they-use model. Traditional digital forensics cannot handle the dynamic and multi-tenant nature of the cloud environment as it has to address various technical, legal, and organizational(More)
The paper explores the use of concepts in cognitive psychology to evaluate the spread of misinformation, disinformation and propaganda in online social networks. Analysing online social networks to identify metrics to infer cues of deception will enable us to measure diffusion of misinformation. The cognitive process involved in the decision to spread(More)
Health care environments today have turned to be technology-oriented. Also mobile devices and their usage have increased manifold in recent times. This paper presents the design and development of a Patient Data Viewer System using the Android mobile application development platform. This system allows the doctors to view the vital parameters of a patient(More)
In this paper, a forensic framework has been developed to do cloud forensics in OpenStack for infrastructure as a service model using the existing forensic tools. For the instances which have been allotted to the user, the snapshots of volatile random access memory and image from the hard disk (cinder) in the specific path where it is mounted on should be(More)
Highly computational resource sharing environments like grids pose major security issues. Secure interoperability has been a growing concern for such multi domain computing systems. Collaboration in such a diverse environment requires integration of all local policies to compose a global access control policy for controlling information and resource. Access(More)
Privacy is one of the most important concerns in an online social network. Online social network data is big data as millions of users are a part of it. The personal information of every user in an online social network is an asset that may be traded by a third party for its benefits. Individuals should be aware of how much of their personal information(More)
Performing digital forensics in cloud can add a new dimension to the process of building trust in cloud. But the very characteristics of cloud such as lack of transparency, virtualization, legal issues etc., pose challenges to cloud forensics. Whether it is traditional digital forensics or cloud forensics, collecting comprehensive data for analysis is a(More)