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This work provides an overview of standard social science data sources that now allow some systematic study of the gay and lesbian population in the United States. For each data source, we consider how sexual orientation can be defined, and we note the potential sample sizes. We give special attention to the important problem of measurement error,(More)
This study aimed to classify the responses of single units in the auditory midbrain to acoustic stimuli presented in the free field in order to characterize those units likely to have a role in sound localization in the horizontal plane. The responses of 131 single units in the inferior colliculus of the cat and the brush-tailed possum were studied using(More)
The afferent connections of the auditory cortex of the acallosal marsupial Trichosurus vulpecula have been studied using the retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase. The enzyme was applied by electrophoresis from a micropipette previously used to define physiologically the organization of the auditory cortex. Three major (lateral, dorsomedial and(More)
1 Morphine (1-200 mg/kg s.c.) reduced the incidence and prolonged the latency of priming-induced audiogenic siezures in a dose-dependent manner. 2 This effect was reversed by naloxone (1 and 2 mg/kg) although naloxone was itself inactive. 3 This priming-induces seizure model may be useful in the study of tolerance and physical dependence.
A sequel study to that reported by Gregson, Britton, Campbell and Gates (1990), partially replicating and extending findings which relate estimates of the dimensionality of the EEG to the complexity of task load in a visual scanning task, is described. The correlation dimensionality D2 of the attractor was computed using a variant of the(More)