G. Gabrielides

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The results of an intercalibration exercise among the laboratories participating in the MED POL program for monitoring biological effects of pollutants along the Mediterranean coasts are presented. Three established biomarkers, i.e. lysosomal membrane stability, metallothionein concentration and ethoxyresorufin-O-deethylase (EROD) activity, were(More)
The extensive use of biomarkers in environment biomonitoring programmes has raised the problem of data management and intercomparison. A research project (Pollution Effect Network, PEN) is proposed here, consisting of the realisation of an on-line warehouse for biomarker data (http://www.muf.unipmn.it/pen). The web site will contain repository sections and(More)
Thepaperpresentsasystem,Whichenablestheconversionofpaper-ba8edtechnicaldrawlngSintoaformatsuitable for CAD systems.The systemisbased on acommercialavailable scanntn9and vectorizationunit.Since thevectorizationresultsarefarfrombeingperfect,aPO8tprocessin9COmpOnenttOremedy80meOftheweal(pOints(More)
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