G. G. dos Santos

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In this work we introduce a cost-aware methodology for selective hardening of combinational logic cells, which provides a list of the most effective candidates for hardening. Two heuristics are proposed in order to define when selective hardening becomes unfeasible. The methodology and the heuristics are applied to a set of benchmark circuits using costs(More)
We present the first EIT images of evoked physiological activity in the primary somatosensory cortex (S1) obtained with intracranial planar electrode array. Images were validated using intrinsic signal optical imaging (ISOI) and current source-sink density analysis (CSDA). Detailed high-resolution spatiotemporal connectivity of the brain cortex was(More)
We study a model for a two-mode atomic-molecular Bose–Einstein condensate. Starting with a classical analysis we determine the phase space fixed points of the system. It is found that bifurcations of the fixed points naturally separate the coupling parameter space into four regions. The different regions give rise to qualitatively different dynamics. We(More)
We propose a new solving approach for shape optimization (optimal design problem) of elastic solids in contact. As the equilibrium of a solid in contact is a solution of constrained minimization problem for the body energy functional (or an variational inequality), we can consider our optimization problem as a classical bilevel mathematical program (or a(More)
  • Percival F Almoro, Program Coordinator, G P F Almoro, W Pedrini, C S Osten, Narayanamurthy +21 others
  • 2014
Analysis of Bessel beam propagation in free space using digital holographic microscopy, " Optik – Int. Coherence length measurement for ultra-short laser pulses using digital holography and statistical fringe analysis,Growth of Nd:YAG thin films on Silicon (111) substrate using femtosecond pulsed laser deposition," Proc. "Femtosecond pulsed laser deposition(More)
Inspired by the increasing possibility of experimental control in ultra-cold atomic physics we introduce a new Lax operator and use it to construct and solve models with two wells and two on well states together with its generalization for n on well states. The models are solved by the algebraic Bethe ansatz method and can be viewed as describing two(More)
We study the quantum phase transitions of a model that describes the interconversion of interacting bosonic atoms and molecules. Using a classical analysis, we identify a threshold coupling line separating a molecular phase and a mixed phase. Through studies of the energy gap, von Neumann entanglement entropy, and fidelity, we give evidence that this line(More)
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