G. G. dos Santos

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OBJECTIVE: To explore the use of b-lactoglobulin polymerized using microbial transglutaminase and heating to identify whether protein polymerization could reduce in vivo allergenicity and maintain in vitro and ex vivo immunoreactivity for use in tolerance-induction protocols. METHODS: Based on previous protocols applied in mice and children, we performed in(More)
BACKGROUND The identification of the psychological issues that impair the quality of life and the adherence to treatment in transplant candidates are important. OBJECTIVE This study evaluated the presence of symptoms of depression and the quality of life of liver transplant candidates. METHODS One hundred liver transplant candidates underwent a(More)
Background: Skin testing is a mainstay in allergology, and its importance is increasing in several fields. The ability to choose the most suitable technique according to the clinical setting is an advantage for the medical team. Objectives: To describe in detail an alternative technique of the coetaneous allergy test (skin scrape test) conceived as a(More)
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