G G Zhadan

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The effects of focused ultrasound have been investigated on the structures of electroreceptor system of the Black Sea skates (Raja clavata, Dasyatis pastinaca), as well as on the tissues of some other poikilotherms (fishes Belone belone and Solea lascaris, toad Bufo viridis, frog Rana temporaria). It was shown that focused ultrasound evokes excitation(More)
Afferent responses of single afferent fibre from small pit organs to various concentration of potassium, sodium and calcium ions were studied in the catfish (Ictalurus nebulosus). The receptors were stimulated with d. c. pulses. Calcium concentration between 0.4-5 mM/1 were practically ineffective. Calcium concentration from 5 to 100 7m/1 increased the(More)
The response characteristics of the small pit organs in the catfish Ictalurus nebulosus to electrical stimuli of various polarities, intensities and durations were investigated using the recording of electrical activity from single nerve fibres of the lateral nerve. The fibres showed background activity either rhythmical (35-45 imp/s) or modulated by fish(More)
Recording impulse activity in single nervous fibers, studies have been made on the effect of chemical and thermal stimuli on the activity of Lorenzini ampullae in the rays Dasyatis pastinaca and Raja clavata. Application of the diluted sea water to the opening of ampullary canal increases the discharge rate of the receptors resulting into subsequent(More)
In acute experiments on the Black sea skates (Raja clavata) the transepithelial potential of Lorenzinian ampullae and impulse activity of their single nerve fibres were studied during electrical and thermal stimulation. The potential inside the canal and input resistance of the ampulla were 0 divided by -2 mV and 250-400 k omega respectively. Heating of the(More)
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