G G Wojtowicz

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A reliable method that is practical for clinical use for measuring head posture in standing has not been demonstrated in the literature. The purposes of this study were: 1) to produce a reliable method for measuring sagittal plane head and shoulder posture that is practical for clinical use and 2) to perform a pilot study to compare means between a(More)
This study was conducted at the University of Kentucky Biodynamics Laboratory in Lexington, KY and was partially supported by a grant from the Kentucky Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. Backward running (BR) is employed for conditioning and for rehabilitation in sports, orthopaedics, and neurology. Our purposes were to compare kinematics(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this paper is to provide a literature review of the research that examines the effectiveness of worksite intervention programs designed to increase the use of safety belts by employees. SEARCH METHODS The literature search, which identified 14 research studies on worksite safety belt programs conducted between 1968 and 1994,(More)
Motor vehicle accidents constitute the leading cause of death among children and youth ages 15-24. The Year 2000 Health Objectives for the Nation call for reduction in fatalities in this population through increasing occupant restraint measures. This article provides an overview of how one school district developed a school and community safety belt(More)
This secondary analysis examined variables directly related to teacher training not fully examined in the School Health Education Evaluation (SHEE). The problem was to determine the effect of School Health Curriculum Project (SHCP) teacher training and curriculum implementation variables on overall student health knowledge, attitude, and self-reported(More)
Hazards to pedestrians at 15 campus crosswalk sites were identified, using a data collection protocol the authors developed so that two-person teams of trained observers could record the volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic at the sites. Findings from the study revealed the nature of certain pedestrian hazards on campus, with specific intersections(More)
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