G. G. Slivinskii

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The sedimentation fractionation of ascitic form of Plyss lymphosarcoma was performed in the linear 1-3% sucrose gradient with 1 g. Fractions were different in cell sizes, protein content and also in intensity of the 3H-thymidine incorporation. Fractions which contained cells in the G1, G1 + S and S + G2 phases were transplanted in vivo in a solid form.(More)
Studies have been made on the activity of erythrocyte acetylcholinesterase in 18 species of wild and laboratory rodents. Significant differences in the enzymic activity unrelated to taxonomic position of rodents were revealed. Negative correlation was found between the enzymic activity and body mass in rodents. The relationship between these parameters for(More)
The relation was studied between the density of the electrical charge of the surface (DECS) and the karyological structure of the rat ovary tumour (OT) cells. For this purpose the sedimentation rate and electrical mobility of cells from two OT clones were measured. The OT1 and OT2 clones differed in their modal chromosome numbers (44 and 80-90,(More)
The NKLy ascitic tumor cells in the stationary phase of growth were fractionated by velocity sedimentation method. Cells from the obtained fractions were characterized by measurements of DNA contents and 3H-thymidine incorporation. The surface properties of the cells from five fractions, differing in proliferative capacity, stage of the cell cycle and(More)
Effectiveness of the diffusion chamber cloning of subpopulations of cells isolated by the sedimentation method from intact and exposed (5 Gy) mouse tumors NKLy was determined. It was shown that cells at the G2-M stages were highly radiosensitive. The recovery from potentially lethal damages was maximum at the G0-G1 stages of the cell cycle.
The action of derivatives of polyoxyethylene oxide (triton X-100, triton X-305, tween 21, tween 40, tween 60, and tween 80) on respiration of Ehrlich's tumor and rats ovarium tumor cells involved inhibition of the cells respiration due to alteration of commonly uncorrelated with the distribution of detergents between the cell and the extracellular milieu.
The surface changes of the rat bone marrow cells was measured. For identification of cells, differences in sedimentational characteristics were used. With this purpose the velosity of sedimentation and electrophoretic mobility of cells were measured simultaneously. The decrease in the surface charge of myeloid cells was shown in the media with lowered ionic(More)
The electrophoretic mobility of the ascitic tumor cells with different rates of sedimentation was measured by photographic registration of summarizing traces in the electrophoretic chamber. Changes in electrophoretic mobility of these cells during tumour growth are described. A conclusion is made that these changes are not connected with the proliferative(More)