G. G. Kulikov

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The problem of model-based condition monitoring of aero gas turbine engines is considered. Genetic algorithms are applied for the dynamic modelling of aero engines by estimating parameters of the linear reduced-order model. The use of genetic algorithms affords flexibility in the choice of performance metrics. Real engine data is used to investigate the(More)
Application of Markov chains to identification of gas turbine engine dynamic models T. V. Breikin a , V. Y. Arkov b & G. G. Kulikov b a Control Systems Centre, Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics , University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology , PO Box 88, Manchester M60 1QD, UK b Department of Automated Control Systems , Ufa(More)
This paper is focused on practical problems of gas turbine engine optimal multi-variable control design and implementation. An algorithm for real-time resolution of optimisation problem is proposed for the optimal control design of the engine. The example of the turbo-jet engine multi-variable control presented shows high efficiency of the developed method.
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