G G Isaev

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The development of fatigue was investigated in the diaphragm of anaesthetized, tracheostomized, spontaneously breathing cats during restricted air flow. Ventilation, transdiaphragmatic pressure (Pdi), integrated electrical activity of diaphragm (Edi) and phrenic nerve (Eph) were measured simultaneously and expressed as a percentage of values at unloaded(More)
The review is dedicated of phenomenology of the difficult breathing and analysis of the peripheral and central mechanisms of it. Analysis based on model investigations with resistive loads in awake or sleeping healthy humans, including results of experiments in the anesthetized animals. The recent data having principle importance in estimation of the(More)
In the present study, the mechanisms of interaction between the breathing and stepping movements were investigated. The investigations were carried out in 8 normal subjects and 4 individuals with complete spinal cord lesion. Additionally, experimental studies were performed in 7 decerebrate and 4 spinal cats. Involuntary reflex stepping movements in the air(More)
  • G G Isaev
  • 1979
Pulmonary ventilation (V) and alveolar gas composition (PACO2, PAO2) were studied in 12 healthy men who performed gradual muscular work under conditions of controlled hypercapnia, hypoxia, hyperoxia or their combinations. The respiratory response was estimated by absolute values of ventilation at the given PACO2 value and by its rise by 1 mm Hg of increased(More)
The purpose of the present study has been to determine whether pharyngeal dilator muscles participate in inspiratory load compensatory responses and if so, to elucidate role of upper airway mechanoreceptors in these responses. The experiments were performed on anaesthetized rabbits. Each animal was tested in three ways by the imposition of inspiratory(More)