G G D Nishantha

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Traceability systems have become a dominant management information system within the production and marketing companies as they can efficiently control the supply chain, by minimizing the risks of the production process, and helping to enhance the consumer/customer reliability on products. There may have some limitations of using available traceability(More)
This paper provides an architectural classification of smart classrooms and discusses the types of technologies used in their implementation. It examines the methodologies being used to make distance learning an exciting experience and as effective as the traditional classroom type education. Furthermore, the paper shows how commonly used smart classroom(More)
This paper explores the feasibility of using machined vision based cash register system in a university cafeteria and automatically determine price of the food items that are contained on a cafeteria food tray. The idea is to take an image of the food tray, identify all the food items on the tray, and display the total food cost. A fully automated version(More)
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