G. G. B. Manske

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Phosphorus deficiency is a major yield limiting constraint in wheat cultivation on acid soils. The plant factors that influence P uptake efficiency (PUPE) are mainly associated with root characteristics. This study was conducted to analyze the genotypic differences and relationships between PUPE, root length density (RLD), colonization by vesicular(More)
There are large agricultural areas in the world where wheat yields are limited by low phosphorus (P) availability. Breeding for P uptake and P utilization efficiency may reduce this problem. This study was conducted to determine the contribution of P uptake and utilization efficiency to grain yield of selected spring wheat genotypes in different(More)
The impact of the Rht dwarfing genes on P utilization efficiency (PUTE = grain dry matter per kg P in above-ground biomass), total P uptake (Pt) and related traits was studied in the varietal backgrounds of two tall wheat cultivars, Maringa and Nainari 60. Four sets of near-isogenic lines carrying different combinations of the alleles Rht-B1b, Rht-D1b and(More)
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