G. Foertsch

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We studied the discrepancy in the results published on the dependence of the duration of pulpal nerve anesthesia on the concentration of epinephrine in 2% lidocaine. The increase in pain threshold of the pulpal nerve was measured before and after injection of lidocaine alone and lidocaine with epinephrine concentrations of 1:200,000, 1:100,000, or 1:50,000(More)
Experiments designed to elucidate cellular internalization ofPseudomonas aemginosa exotoxin A are described. Inhibition of protein synthesis was used as an index of the biological activity of exotoxin A, and a biotinyl-toxin: avidin-gold system to follow its movement on the ultrastructural level. Addition of amantadine, methylamine and dansylcadaverine to(More)
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