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Heredopathia atactica polyneuritiformis is a biochemically defined disease with a specific dietary treatment. It is an autosomal inborn error of metabolism. The phytanic acid is of exogenous origin and stems mainly from preformed phytanic acid in foods. In two Norwegian patients, serum phytanic acid has been brought down to normal levels and one of them has(More)
Playing various types of music on five selected personal cassette players (PCPs), A-weighted sound pressure levels (SPLs), together with octave band spectrum, were measured on KEMAR (Knowles Electronics Manikin for Acoustic Research). Maximum and equivalent SPLs were measured for various types of music, PCPs and for different gain (volume) settings. The(More)
The aim of the present investigation is to throw light upon the following question: Is recording of click-evoked brain stem responses (ABR) a more sensitive and reliable test than the oto-neurological and conventional audiological tests in selecting patients for computerized tomography (CT)? Thirty-three patients were examined. They all presented case(More)
A group of about 100 consecutive patients admitted to an otorhinolaryngological outpatient department for treatment of cranial nerve affections underwent detailed neurological, audiological and laboratory examinations. Of 34 patients with hearing loss, objective signs of viral infection were found in 12. The hearing loss was sensorineural of the cochlear(More)
Playing selected types of music on five different personal cassette players (PCPs) and using different gain (volume) settings, A-weighted maximum and equivalent sound pressure levels (SPLs) were measured on KEMAR (Knowles Electronics Manikin for Acoustic Research). The octave band SPLs were measured on KEMAR ear and transformed to field values in order to(More)