G Flottorp

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Playing selected types of music on five different personal cassette players (PCPs) and using different gain (volume) settings, A-weighted maximum and equivalent sound pressure levels (SPLs) were measured on KEMAR (Knowles Electronics Manikin for Acoustic Research). The octave band SPLs were measured on KEMAR ear and transformed to field values in order to(More)
Playing various types of music on five selected personal cassette players (PCPs), A-weighted sound pressure levels (SPLs), together with octave band spectrum, were measured on KEMAR (Knowles Electronics Manikin for Acoustic Research). Maximum and equivalent SPLs were measured for various types of music, PCPs and for different gain (volume) settings. The(More)
  • G Flottorp
  • 1991
In most textbooks, it is stated that noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is an irreversible impairment of hearing. This is certainly true for the slowly, over time acquired NIHL. Working for years in a very noisy environment is causing a gradual killing of hair cells in the inner ear, with no hope for recovery. The other way of acquiring NIHL is by means of(More)
Behavioural responses have been elicited to acoustic stimuli in hereditarily deaf white mink (Hedlund). This revealed onset of auditory function at an average age of 31 days. The period of hearing lasted on the average only 7 days. Similar observations have been reported in other hereditarily deaf animals (cat, mouse, guinea pig). It is suggested that the(More)