G. Fasciolo

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The REPOSE system is a new, mini-invasive technique with which the base of the tongue is suspended to treat sleep breathing disorders (SBD) induced by hypertrophy of the base of the tongue. The surgical technique calls for the intra-oral insertion of a small titanium screw in the anterior portion of the mandible. Two polypropylene threads are attached to(More)
The fertilizing potential of treated municipal wastewater (oxidation ditch) and crop sanitary acceptability for direct human consumption were evaluated in Mendoza, Argentina. Two experiments were performed on a pilot plot planted with garlic (1998) and onions (1999) using furrow irrigation with three types of water in 10 random blocks: treated effluent (2.5(More)
Arid areas call for imaginative water management solutions to avoid the dangers of water shortages. Growing demands of water for domestic and industrial uses decrease the availability of water for agriculture. It therefore becomes necessary to set up a policy for the use of domestic effluents. For the province of Mendoza, Argentina, with 1,500,000(More)
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