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The ultrastructural features of the area postrema (AP) were investigated in the suckling lamb, weaned lamb and adult sheep. No morphological differences were observed between lambs and sheep. Unciliated ependymal cells, linked by zonulae adherentes-type junctions and gap junctions, cover the AP ventricular surface. Clusters of pyriform neurons, glial cells,(More)
The immunostaining proposed in this study identifies cells containing endogenous estrogens in the Central Nervous System, in the presence of both very high and very low serum estrogen levels. Ten adult rats, seven normal and three ovariectomized females, were used for this study. Paraffin sections of hypothalamus and ovary of each female were stained using(More)
A polyclonal antiserum against androgens, i.e., testosterone, 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone and androstenedione, was tested to reveal target neurons of endogenous androgens in the hypothalamus of both intact and castrated male rats. Paraffin sections of hypothalamus and testis were immunostained by using Avidin-Biotin Complex method and 3-3' diaminobenzidine(More)
The mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus (MTN) cells of both young and adult ducks as well as of rabbits were investigated by scanning electron microscope. The rabbit showed only ovoid unipolar cells, while the duck also presented polyhedral cells. Few of these latter revealed processes originating from their surface and were recognized as multipolar cells.(More)
This work is carried out by analysing the retrograde and transneuronal retrograde degenerations appeared following a total or partial unilateral removal of the optical lobe, in Coturnix coturnix japonica newborn and adult specimens. By means of this technique we are able to contribute new information on the so far unknown nervous relationships between(More)
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