G F Vawter

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This study was designed to assess whether development of the central nervous system (CNS) is delayed in victims of the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). We selected the parameter of myelination because it is a continuously changing and readily accessible marker of CNS development in the SIDS age-range. We assessed myelination blindly in 61 SIDS and 89(More)
Although N-myc amplification in neuroblastomas correlates with poor prognosis, not all neuroblastomas which fail to respond to therapy have N-myc amplification. To determine whether other modes of myc gene activation underlie progression of some neuroblastomas, 45 were analyzed for amplification of N-myc, c-myc and L-myc and 26 were studied for(More)
Selected organ weights and body measurements of intants with perinatal telencephalic leukoencephalopathy (PTL) were compared to those of infants without cerebral white matter abnormalities. Although infants with PTL tended to have lower values of all weights andmeasurements, only thymus and spleen weights were significantly lower in infants with PTL.(More)
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