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Many epidemiological and experimental "in vivo" studies have proved in recent years the carcinogenic properties of herbicides. In order to evaluate the "in vitro" action on the human DNA of Trifluralin, Atrazine and Simazine (active principles of herbicides Treflan and Fogard S respectively) the authors have studied the rates of SCE in cultures of human(More)
Clonidine, an effective antihypertensive drug acting on central presynaptic alpha 2-adrenoreceptors, is commonly used in opiate withdrawal. There is recent evidence of advantages in using clonidine also in alcohol withdrawal. The results of a randomized study on 44 alcoholics, admitted without withdrawal symptoms, are shown. The alcohol withdrawal syndrome(More)
In this report we discuss some cases of AILD and IBL-like T-cell lymphomas and attempt to clarify the cytogenetic relationship between these complex disease states. During the period 1980-1987 we have studied No. 6 patients affected with AILD, three of which showed final evolution into Immunoblastic T-cell lymphoma. Cytogenetic studies, carried out on(More)
Doppler test in temporal arthritis. Prescriptions and limits The paper describes the Authors' personal experience in using the Doppler test for the diagnosis of temporal arthritis in a small group of patients clinically suspected of the pathology. The method has proved useful in the diagnosis and follow-up of the disease, but the diagnosis is confirmed by a(More)
The dangerous effects of phototherapy have been matter of discussion in recent years. In order to evaluate its in vitro action on the human DNA, the authors have performed the karyotypic analysis on 20 cultures of lymphocytes. In different times 16 cultures have been exposed to the action of a "blue light" fluorescent lamp, commonly used for the treatment(More)