G F Drasin

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Epidural venography is a simple and safe procedure for the diagnosis of herniated intervertebral disc and other disease of the epidural space. It is especially useful in symptomatic patients with normal or equivocal myelographic findings. The accuracy rate of positive venograms is 88.2% in this series of 58 patients. Five illustrative cases are presented.
The 4 cases of Strongyloides stercoralis colitis presented show various radiological manifestations of colonic reaction. Mild involvement may be associated with minimal radiographic changes. Invasion of the bowel wall by the larvae results in ulceration and edema with loss of haustral markings; stricture may develop. Barium-enema examinations can help in(More)
Radiologic findings in 20 patients with splenic abscesses were reviewed. Chest roentgenograms frequently showed abnormalities which were nonspecific and nondiagnostic. Results of barium sulfate studies were normal in 66.7% of patients tested. Gas beneath the left side of the diaphragm or within the splenic shadow was revealed by abdominal plain film or(More)