G F Darchuk

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A complex of methods is proposed adapted to practices common in clinical and diagnostic laboratories that enables the state of bodily antitumoral resistance to be properly assessed. A diagnostic system of disturbances in the antineoplastic resistance of the organism, which makes for detection of endogenous factors marking a high risk for the development of(More)
Studied were particular features of peripheral blood, certain immunological and biochemical indices under long-term exposure of human body to radiation after the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The study comprised 5578 individuals. The examinees were liquidators of the Chernobyl accident sequels (n = 1052), inhabitants of Pripyat evacuated(More)
Vibrio cholerici neuraminidase was studied on CBA mice for its effect on the strain NK/Ly lymphoid cells oncogenicity in intraabdominal transplantation. The 30% decrease in transplantability of cells treated by the enzyme in the dose of 50 U/ml was established. The modulating effect of specific active immunotherapy by modified cells in lymphoma was also(More)
The modifying effect of con A, Vibrio cholerae and non-Vibrio cholerae neuraminidase (VCN, NVCN) on the proliferative potential and immunogenicity of experimental lymphoma NK/Ly cells is shown in vitro and in vivo. The efficacy of immunization by the modified tumour cells of mice with transplantable lymphoma is evaluated. A considerable decrease in the(More)
The peripheral blood from 30 patients presenting with preleukosis states was studied. Both quantitative and qualitative indices of blood and bone marrow were determined. It has been ascertained that the following signs should be taken in consideration where the diagnosis is "preleukosis": anemia presenting with qualitative changes in erythron,(More)
The peripheral blood of 2200 children (age: from 2 to 16 years) inhabiting the Polessye District of Kiev Province and the city of Kiev 4 years after the Chernobyl atomic station accident was studied. An analysis of results revealed the presence of hematologic changes that may be interpreted as sequels of the effect of ionizing radiation on the body, while(More)
An analysis is presented of the sensitivity of theophyllin test to the level of endogenous modification of E-receptors on T-cells of the peripheral blood and lymph nodes of mice with lymphoma in conditions of immunotherapy with native and Kon A or cholera neuroaminidase treated lymphoma cells. A marked inhibition of the endogenous character of(More)
Efficiency was studied of active specific immunotherapy (IT) with cell vaccine consisting of allogenic viable cryopreserved modified Con A blast cells identical with the illness in patients with acute myeloblastic leukemia and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The studies made confirmed a positive impact of IT on the clinical course of acute leukosis (prolonged(More)
The state of the T-cellular immunity system was studied in mice with experimental lymphoma during the treatment with cyclophosphamide and active specific immunotherapy with ConA-modified syngeneic tumor cells. The advantages of the combined method of treatment and the high informative value of the test of E-rosette-formation sensitivity to theophylline in(More)