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1. In smooth muscle cells of the rabbit carotid artery, ACh (greater than 10(-8) M) generated a hyperpolarization with two components (transient followed by sustained), only in the tissues with an intact endothelium. There were no detectable changes in the membrane potential, as elicited by ACh (up to 10(-5) M) in tissues with no endothelium or in the(More)
Sonic hedgehog (Shh) is a soluble signaling protein that is crucial in regulating cell proliferation, migration and differentiation, axonal guidance and neural progenitor cell survival during nervous system development. Recent evidence suggests that the Shh plays an important role in adulthood in regulating structural plasticity. Here we investigated the(More)
Effects of high K+, acetylcholine (ACh), 9,11-epithio-11,12-methanothromboxane A2 (STA2), thrombin and endothelin were investigated on smooth muscles of the guinea pig coronary artery in intact and endothelium-denuded tissues. In intact tissues, ACh transiently inhibited but ATP produced maintained inhibition of the STA2-induced contraction. However, in the(More)
1. The relative roles of pituitary hormones (especially growth hormone) and testicular hormones (especially testosterone) in the regulation of renal and hepatic CYP2E1 and cytochrome P450 reductase have been studied in the male rat. 2. Depletion of pituitary hormones by hypophysectomy (Hx) resulted in 12-14-fold increases in renal CYP2E1 (p < or = 0.05) and(More)
The effects of ACh and histamine on electrical and mechanical properties of intrapulmonary artery and vein muscles were studied in rats. In the artery, ACh and histamine indirectly relaxed the precontracted muscles in high-[K]o solution via the release of endothelium-derived relaxing factor (EDRF) from the endothelial cells, and also produced contractions(More)
The current study was conducted to investigate hormonal regulation of cytochrome P450 2C11 (CYP2C11) in rat liver and kidney of adult male rats. In two experiments, hypophysectomy (Hx) resulted in decreased (P < .05) hepatic CYP2C11 apoprotein and mRNA levels. Growth hormone (GH) replacement of Hx rats prevented the decline in hepatic CYP2C11 apoprotein and(More)
In ring preparations of the rabbit mesenteric artery, the Ca-contraction, but not the noradrenaline (NA)-contraction, was inhibited by FRC-8653 (10(-9)-10(-5) M) in a concentration-dependent manner, although with a potency 50-100 times weaker than that of nicardipine. The actions of FRC-8653 on Ca-contraction appeared more slowly (over 1 hr) than those of(More)
The binding of radioligand to cell membrane prepared from mouse myometrium was used to identify the characteristics of beta-adrenoceptors. Uteri were taken from mature mice (Kunming Strain) weighing 40 +/- 5 g pretreated with estradiol benzoate 1 mg.kg-1.d-1 ip for 2 d. The binding of [3H]dihydroalprenolol ([3H]DHA) to uterine membrane was saturable, having(More)