G F Barrowclough

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The single-copy RAG-1 gene is found throughout higher vertebrates and consists of a single 3.1-kb exon without intervening introns. A 2.9-kb region of the RAG-1 locus was sequenced for 14 basal taxa of birds plus the crocodylian outgroups Alligator and Gavialis. Phylogenetic analysis of the sequences supported the hypothesis that the deepest evolutionary(More)
Variance of lifetime reproductive success is not a well-defined parameter; it is a function of the way a life cycle is defined. Therefore, comparisons of such variance across studies and taxa will only be valid if the life cycles employed are complete (i.e., an entire generation), precisely defined (e.g., egg to egg or adult to adult), and identical. Given(More)
  • R G Anthony, E D Forsman, A B Franklin, D R Anderson, K P Burnham, G C White +45 others
  • 2013
All documents listed below are incorporated by reference into EPIC's petition for rulemaking to the California Board of Forestry requesting deletion of Title 14 California Code of Regulations § 919.9(g)[939.9(g)].occurrence of northern spotted and barred owls: Accounting for detection probability differences. of spotted owl (Strix occidentalis) populations(More)
  • E Ådahl, P Lundberg, C D Allen, M Savage, D A Kalk, K F Suckling +40 others
  • 2012
Demographic analysis of northern spotted owl populations. Pages 319–328 in Draft final recovery plan for the northern spotted owl. U.S. of spotted owl (Strix occidentalis) populations based on mitochondrial DNA sequences: gene flow, genetic structure, and a novel biogeographic pattern. Evolution 53:919–931. Genetic structure, introgression and a narrow(More)
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