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Can you imagine hiking on a steep mountain trail in the black of night not knowing how close to the edge of the cliff you are? Would you feel safe? Electronic components, such as semiconductors, have technical limits that might be very close to the edge of the customer's specification. When this occurs, the semiconductor can malfunction and possibly cause(More)
The marginal band is a bundle of microtubules residing at the periphery of nucleated erythrocytes of nonmammalian vertebrates and some invertebrates. Marginal bands from erythrocytes of the newt (Notopthalmus viridescens) were isolated from the cells as intact structures by treatment with detergent and either mild protease or high salt. Isolated bands were(More)
The elastic properties of marginal band, a microtubular structure isolated from the newt (notophthalmus viridescens) have been measured. Bands were isolated using Triton X-100 and pepsin at pH 6.8 according to the method of Cohen (1978). Isolated bands were manipulated with a glass microhook in a buffer-filled chamber under the microscope. Single bands were(More)
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