G. Epurescu

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We report a hybrid imaging technique capable of performing measurements of the spatial, temporal, and spectral emission characteristics of laser-induced plasmas by use of a single detection system. We apply this technique to study the plasma produced by laser ablation of LiNbO3 and observe phenomena not seen in such detail with standard instruments. These(More)
Due to its wide band-gap (ca. 3.4 eV), ZnO is a possible candidate material to be used as transparent electrode for a new class of photovoltaic (PV) cells. Also, an increased interest for the photovoltaic properties of several organic monomers and polymers (merocyanines, phthalocyanines and porphyrins) was noticed, because of their high optical absorption(More)
Several dermal substitutes for skin grafting are now commercially available, although their performance still needs improvement. Most artificial dermises have a lower take rate than autologous grafts and require more time for sufficient vascular ingrowth to overlay the skin graft. Herein we characterize new two-dimensional scaffolds for tissue-engineering(More)
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