G. Epple

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We investigated whether odors can become conditioned to emotionally salient experiences such that when later encountered they influence performance consistent with a previously associated event. To test this hypothesis, 5-year-olds were given the experience of failure/frustration on a cognitive maze in a room scented with fragrance and later given another(More)
The sexual interactions of Saguinus fuscicollis males castrated as neonates, at 37 days of age, or prepubertally with adult intact females were studied. Prepubertally castrated males were observed while receiving testosterone, and while being treated with saline. Males castrated neonatally or at 37 days of age were observed while receiving testosterone.(More)
The field studies reviewed above raise some doubts about the laboratory concept of the extended family as the basic social unit of the Callithricidae. As Dawson [6] suggests, wild groups might more closely approximate artificial laboratory groups. They probably consist of a dominant, monogamous breeding pair, its dependent offspring and separate hierarchies(More)
The first chemical analysis of the volatile components of scent material from the cotton-top tamarin,Saguinus o. oedipus is presented. In contrast to our previous findings in saddle-back tamarins (Saguinus fuscicollis), the chemical composition of the scent marks is quite variable. Analysis of secretion expressed manually from different areas of the scent(More)
Computerized pattern recognition techniques can be applied to the study of complex chemical communication systems. Analysis of high resolution gas chromatographic concentration patterns of the major volatile components of the scent marks of a South American primate, Saguinus fuscicollis, demonstrates that the concentration patterns can be used to predict(More)
Discrimination between male former group members and unrelated males was tested in 13 males. During tests, each subject lived in a cage connected by tunnels to 2 cages, each housing a stimulus male. Subjects used the tunnels to approach and interact with both stimulus animals. Proximity to the stimulus males, aggressive and non-aggressive contacts and(More)
The exceptionally large polarizability of highly excited Rydberg atoms-six orders of magnitude higher than ground-state atoms--makes them of great interest in fields such as quantum optics, quantum computing, quantum simulation and metrology. However, if they are to be used routinely in applications, a major requirement is their integration into technically(More)
The ability of cotton-top tamarins to discriminate between scents from conspecifics and those from other tamarin species, and between scents from conspecific individuals was tested. Cotton-tops scent mark with specialized skin glands in the circumgenital area. Females possess larger glands than males and show more scent-marking behavior. In the first(More)