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Key wmls: Generalized contractions, fixed point theorems. convergence of sequence of iterates. 1. INTRODUCTION THE STUDY in fixed point theory has generally developed in three main directions: generalization of conditions which ensure existence, and, if possible, uniqueness, of fixed points; investigation of the character of the sequence of iterates (T "(More)
In this paper we present a new Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) algorithm called AntiClusAl. The method makes use of the commonly use idea of aligning homologous sequences belonging to classes generated by some clustering algorithm, and then continue the alignment process ina bottom-up way along a suitable tree structure. The final result is then read at(More)
In this short note we want to present two remarks improving two results contained in the papers [C] and [O], the first one about the Dunford–Pettis property and the second one about the containment of complemented copies of l 1 in certain tensor products of Banach spaces. Before starting we remark that our notations are taken from the book [DF]. The first(More)
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