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1. The spike discharges of single first order afferents from the utricle were recorded in the isolated head of the guitarfish and tested for responses to maintained spatial orientation, to transitions and to a small positional jitter representing natural perturbations. Sensitivity to maintained orientation is referred to as “tonic,” and to transitions and(More)
The correspondence between pre- and postsynaptic fluctuations in generation of action potentials was studied using the inhibitory synapse on the crayfish stretch receptor neuron. The presynaptic discharges were imposed by an appropriately controlled stimulator modulated with triangular or sine waves at 1/60 to 10 cps by±1 to 10 ips and around an average(More)
The relation between a maintained spatial orientation and the corresponding fully adapted discharge rate was multivalued in all the afferents tonically sensitive to maintained spatial orientation observed in isolated utricles of Rhinobates productus. The spread of rate values was of the order of changes produced by natural tilts. The occurrence of(More)
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