G. E. Raghavendra Kumar

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In the new era of computing technology, demands legacy algorithms to be adaptable to everchanging hardware architecture. With advent of higher processing capablities, the legacy algorithms needs to be re-designed to suit the state-of-art computing methods to yield maximum and effective utilization of resources. One of the critcial legacy algorithms employed(More)
This paper present the VOL (Visit of Links) Routing algorithm method (VOL-RAM) which is the ad-hoc wireless network, Routing protocol using Page Rank based on visits of links algorithm. PR-VOL is the modified page rank algorithm and implement by Gyanendra et-al [11], [12] that calculate numerical weight of each web page of World Wide Web (www) so one can(More)
Integer factorization is one of the vital algorithms discussed as a part of analysis of any black-box cipher suites where the cipher algorithm is based on number theory. The origin of the problem is from Discrete Logarithmic Problem which appears under the analysis of the cryptographic algorithms as seen by a cryptanalyst. The integer factorization(More)
In Chapter 2, we propose several two-timescale simulation-based actor-critic algorithms for solution of infinite horizon Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) with finite state-space under the average cost criterion. On the slower timescale, all the algorithms perform a gradient search over corresponding policy spaces using two different Simultaneous(More)
Digital watermarking is a technique for inserting ownership information to the digital data to prove the authenticity. A digital watermarking is perceptually invisible to prevent obstruction of the original image. It is also used for tamper proofing, broadcast monitoring, covert communication etc. In this paper, a wavelet-based watermarking approach for(More)
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