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We report a further follow-up of a birth cohort of 11 379 workers exposed to chrysotile. The cohort consisted of 10 939 men and 440 women, born 1891-1920, who had worked for at least a month in the mines and mills of Asbestos and Thetford Mines in Quebec. For all subjects, length of service and estimates of accumulated dust exposure were obtained, with a(More)
Radiological changes in 267 male Quebec chrysotile mine and mill workers, each with five chest films spanning an average of 20 years, were related to age, smoking habit, mining area, duration of employment and average dust concentration before and between films. (1) Abnormality in the earliest film was related mainly to the time since first employment. (2)(More)
Plethysmography and roentgenography were performed on normal subjects and patients with emphysema. 23 measurements from postero-anterior and lateral roentgenograms were subjected to discriminant and regression analyses to discover (a) which variable(s) best distinguished normal from overinflated lungs and (b) whether these or other variables could be used(More)
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