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OBJECTIVE To further describe the features, postulated pathophysiology, treatment, and outcome of seizures occurring while playing or watching video games (video game-related seizures (VGRS)). DESIGN We evaluated retrospectively 10 patients with VGRS seen by us and reviewed 25 reported cases. RESULTS The 35 patients ranged in age from 1 to 36 years(More)
The pulp of individual teeth of 17 normal adult volunteers was electrically stimulated via pairs of electrodes implanted into dentine. Computer-summated responses recorded from the surface of the head were composed of two concurrent sequences of events, one of which was seen maximally over midline areas and the other over the lower portions of the(More)
Twenty-seven patients with medically refractory paroxysmal disorders underwent EEG-video-audio (EVA) monitoring in an inpatient neurology-neurosurgery unit over 1-15 (mean 8.9) days. Fast visual review of all EEG records (5,784 h) and subsequent analysis of synchronized EVA patterns demonstrated a total of 208 partial epileptic seizures (ES) in 12(More)