G E Brunhart

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Following 49 h of sleep deprivation, 37 healthy males ingested either 2.1, 4.3, or 8.6 mg*kg-1 body weight of caffeine in a randomized double-blind design. Subjects were sleep deprived for additional 12 h and venous blood samples were collected intermittently. Caffeine and primary metabolite concentrations were determined by HPLC. Pharmacokinetics were(More)
Twelve Macaca mulatta monkeys received 200 rads of supervoltage radiation to the whole brain per day, 5 days a week. The course in 4 monkeys was 4 weeks for a total dose of 4000 rads; in 4 monkeys, 6 weeks for 6000 rads; and in 4 monkeys, 8 weeks for 8000 rads. Four unirradiated monkeys served as controls. One from each group, sacrificed at 6 and 12 months(More)
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