G E Bradbury

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Previous studies which have examined the effects of lesions of the habenula on active avoidance learning have not provided unambiguous support for response deficits. Moreover, interpretation of early studies is confounded by large lesions which damaged adjacent structures. We report the effects of smaller circumscribed lesions of the habenula complex on a(More)
The anatomical connections of the habenula complex indicate it provides a relay between limbic forebrain and midbrain. Somewhat paradoxically, consequences of nonspecific lesion of the habenula are ambiguous with little change in basic response evident within simple behavioral paradigms. However, the potential functional importance for this relay has more(More)
The effects of lesions of the habenula on responses during a forced swimming test (FST) were examined. Active behavior, documented by turns on a drum immersed in a water tank, were reduced in lesioned rats. Lesioned rats also demonstrated an inability to escape from the water by climbing onto the drum when it was locked in position at the end of the test.(More)
An interchangeability between the effects of stress and psychostimulants has been reported. The possible common physiological effects of lesions of the habenula, stress and psychostimulant administration of activation of ascending dopamine systems suggested examination of a cross-sensitization between lesions of the habenula and psychostimulant(More)
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