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This paper describes the implementation of a novel technique called Background Oriented Schlieren that can produce quantitative visualization of density in a flow. This technique uses only a digital still camera, a structured background, and inverse tomographic algorithms which can extract two-dimensional slices from a three-dimensional flow. This has been(More)
A novel measurement technique based on the refractive index variation in a compressible flow field is presented. This concept is referred to as " Background Oriented Schlieren " (BOS) method in the following. The differences between BOS and other optical techniques which it can best be compared with, will be discussed. Already the first results illustrate(More)
Evaporation from a plane condensed phase in the case of two species systems is studied on the basis of the kinetic theory of gases, with a special interest in the long time behavior of the mixture of vapors from initial equilibrium states. A standard finite-difference analysis by the use of the Garzó–Santos–Brey model Boltzmann equation is performed, and(More)
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