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In surface restoration usually a damaged region of a surface has to be replaced by a surface patch which restores the region in a suitable way. In particular one aims for C 1-continuity at the patch boundary. The Willmore energy is considered to measure fairness and to allow appropriate boundary conditions to ensure continuity of the normal field. The(More)
Single crystals of Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride are used as a substrate material for the production of infrared detectors and are usually grown by the vertical Bridgman method. We present a simulation of the whole growth process in two steps: In the rst step, the (stationary) heat transport in the furnace is modeled and calculated for diierent positions of the(More)
Fully discrete evolving surface finite element method SIAM J. Modelling cell motility and chemotaxis with evolving surface finite elements Computation of two-phase biomembranes with phase dependent material parameters using surface finite elements Numerical computation of advection and diffusion on evolving diffuse interfaces IMAJ Num. A surface phase field(More)
The workshop successfully brought together researchers from mathematical analysis, numerical mathematics, computer graphics and image processing. The focus was on variational methods in image and surface processing such as active contour models, Mumford-Shah type functionals, image and surface denoising based on geometric evolution problems in image and(More)
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