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Cost-benefit analysis of foliar construction and maintenance costs and of carbon assimilation of leaves of differing life-span were conducted using two evergreen, three semi-deciduous, and three deciduous tree species of savannas of north Australia. Rates of radiant-energy-saturated CO2 assimilation (P max) and dark respiration were measured and leaves were(More)
Artificial spin-ice systems consisting of nanolithographic arrays of isolated nanomagnets are model systems for the study of frustration-induced phenomena. We have recently demonstrated that monopoles and Dirac strings can be directly observed via synchrotron-based photoemission electron microscopy, where the magnetic state of individual nanoislands can be(More)
Cavity radar cross-section (RCS) data are measured from a full-sized generic aircraft duct/engine mock-up experimental apparatus. Details of the experimental measurements and characterization of the RCS from a generic aircraft engine inlet with a fan assembly embedded inside are described. The experimental results reveal that the azimuthal RCS patterns from(More)
A full-size aircraft engine-duct mock-up experimental apparatus has been built to collect cavity radar cross section (RCS) data on aircraft engine inlets. The engine-duct structure is made up of a cylindrical duct with a single fan stage consisting of 30 generic straight fan blades. Experimental results indicate that the azimuthal RCS patterns from the(More)
A physics-based numerical model has been developed to model the formation of severe distortion that is observed in ISAR images from moving targets. When a target possesses a small time-varying perturbed motion, a modulation effect is introduced in the phase of the radar return from the target. As a result, a broad smearing appears in the cross-range of the(More)
1. Tidal energy. Recent studies of alternative energy sources have embraced a number of "exotic" forms such as solar, wind, geothermal or tidal energy. Here we shall examine recent developments in the mathematical understanding of tides and tidal power, with particular reference to the Bay of Fundy in eastern Canada which has the highest tides and may be(More)
Distortion in the ISAR image of a target is known to cause by non-uniform rotational motion of the target during image formation. The conventional explanation describes the image distortion as a quadratic phase distortion effect. This quadratic phase distortion effect is significant only when the target image is integrated over an extended period of time;(More)
Distortion in the ISAR image of a target is a result of nonuniform rotational motion of the target during the imaging period. In many of the measured ISAR images from moving targets, such as those from in-flight aircraft, the distortion can be quite severe. Often, the image integration time is only a few seconds in duration and the target’s rotational(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effectiveness of high-pressure pulsatile lavage (HPL) versus bulb syringe (BS) irrigation in removing particulate matter from metaphyseal cancellous bone. DESIGN Four grams of particulate graphite were placed in twenty distal femoral intraarticular osteotomies performed on New Zealand rabbit hind limbs. Two groups of ten(More)
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