G. Dimitriades

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BACKGROUND Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is common in morbid obesity. Our goal was to evaluate the alterations in liver histology and biochemistry before and after weight loss in 51 morbidly obese patients following Mason's vertical banded gastroplasty. METHODS Two biopsies were performed (on entry and after an average of 18 months), while 16 of(More)
This paper presents a novel solution towards ubiquitous photonic grid networking. It is based on the deployment of long-reached and high-bandwidth optical infrastructure while taking advantage of recent developments in optical networking technologies such as optical burst switching. The proposed solution utilises optical burst switching and active router(More)
A case of severe acute renal failure in a young female patient necessitating renal replacement therapy after laparoscopic cholecystectomy is described. The histology of the renal lesion assigned to the effects of laparoscopic surgery is relevant for the pathogenesis of renal complications after such procedures. This explains part of the pathogenesis of the(More)
The prevalence of glucose metabolism abnormalities in PCOS women worldwide varies between 10 and 40% but there are no data in Greek PCOS women. In this retrospective study the prevalence of glucose abnormalities and the indices of insulin resistance (IR) and whole-body insulin sensitivity were estimated in a Greek population with PCOS. Impaired glucose(More)
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