G Didier

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Induction motors play a very important part in the safe and efficient running of any industrial plant. Early detection of abnormalities in the motor would help to avoid costly breakdowns. Accordingly, this work presents a technique for the diagnosis of broken rotor bars in induction motor. Stator voltage and current in an induction motor were measured and(More)
1 Introduction The concept of citizens as sensors is becoming broadly utilised as collection-enabling technologies are widely adopted in consumer devices. As a consequence, the term crowdsourcing is generic, and describes an array of different activities carried out by people in an active (e.g. filling out a survey) or passive (e.g. information mined from(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the influence of stress on the open-close activity in mastication, using an animal model. For this, we have compared the single-motor activities of three muscles: anterior digastric (AD), anterior temporalis (AT) and the superficial masseter (MS) in different groups of rats classed according to emotional state and(More)
  • A Thabet, M Boutayeb, G Didier, S Chniba, M N Abdelkrim
  • 2012
In this paper, the fault detection problem for nonlinear dynamic power systems based an observer is treated. The nonlinear dynamic model based on differential algebraic equations (DAE) is transformed in to ordinary differential equations (ODE). Three nonlinear observers are used and compared for generating the residual signals. Which are: the extended(More)
pour les ouvrages ferroviaires en France : une poutre mixte préfléchie en BTHP, Innovation for the railway bridge decks in France : a precambered composite beam in VHPC, The French Technology of Concrete, Ouvrage spécial pour le 2ème congrès de la fib, Naples, juin 2006, 15 pp. contraintes par libération dans le pont Adolphe à Luxembourg, une grande voûte(More)
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