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Replicable oscillatory potentials, time-locked to pattern stimuli (9.0 degrees central; counterphase reversal at 2.13 Hz) were dissociated from conventional, broad-band VEPs recorded in healthy volunteers at occipital scalp locations by high-pass digital filtering at 17.0-20.0 Hz. Nine consecutive wavelets were identified with a 56.4 +/- 8.4 msec mean(More)
Pharmacokinetics and electroencephalographic [EEG; power spectral analysis] effects of the acute oral Ca-antagonist darodipine (50 mg MR, 100 mg MR, and 200 mg MR) were investigated in a cross-over, placebo-controlled study on healthy male volunteers (age 23-28 yrs). No effects on heart rate, blood pressure or behaviour were observed with these doses at(More)
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