G. Despaux

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We have developed a specially designed sensor with its associated instrumentation using a so called acoustical near-field technique based on small resonating horns. Contrary to the conventional measuring devices used in the rheology industry, this sensor enables wide-range and continuous viscosity measurements, including liquid to solid material transition.(More)
Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is caused by the absence of dystrophin, the protein that plays a key mechanical role in maintaining muscle membrane integrity. One of the major consequences of dystrophin deficiency is the degeneration of muscle fibres, with a progressive loss in muscle strength. The objective of this research was to find an ultrasonic(More)
The present study reports on the development of a characterization method of porous membrane materials which consists of considering their acoustic properties upon gas adsorption. Using acoustic microscopy experiments and atomistic molecular simulations for helium adsorbed in a silicalite-1 zeolite membrane layer, we showed that acoustic wave propagation(More)
During irradiation UO2 nuclear fuel experiences the development of a non-uniform distribution of porosity which contributes to establish varying mechanical properties along the radius of the pellet. Radial variations of the porosity and of elastic properties in high burnup UO2 pellet can be investigated via high frequency acoustic microscopy. Ultrasound(More)
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