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The construction of a superconducting cyclotron of the MSU design (K=500, Kf=160) is under way at Texas A&M. It will be used both alone and as an injector for the existing 88" (K147) cyclotron. A beam optics study has been carried out for injection of K500 cyclotron heavy-ion beams into the K147 cyclotron. This study traces a variety of beams from(More)
Our present plans for a heavy-ion guide system are based on developments at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) [1]. For the heavy-ion guide, preselection of ions will be done using a superconducting solenoid similar to that being used now in the BigSol spectrometer. Earlier tests with a 1 m long gas cell at low input intensities (below 10 ion/sec) have been(More)
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