G. De Luca

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Remote monitoring of physical activity using body-worn sensors provides an alternative to assessment of functional independence by subjective, paper-based questionnaires. This study investigated the classification accuracy of a combined surface electromyographic (sEMG) and accelerometer (ACC) sensor system for monitoring activities of daily living in(More)
This study compared the performance of surface electromyographic (sEMG) sensors for different detection conditions affecting the electro-mechanical stability between the sensor and its contact with the skin. These comparisons were made to gain a better understanding of how specific characteristics of sensor design and use may alter the ability of sEMG(More)
A likelihood approach for ÿtting asymmetric stochastic volatility models is proposed. It is ÿrst shown that, using a quadrature method, the likelihood of these models may be approximated, with the required level of accuracy, by a function that may be easily evaluated using matrix calculus along with its ÿrst and second derivatives. The approximated(More)
Organophosphate (OP) compounds are present in household and agricultural pesticides as well as in nerve agents. The toxic effects of these chemicals result from their anticholinesterase activity, which disrupts nerve junctions and parasympathetic effector sites, leading to a variety of symptoms and possible death. When the anticholinesterase agents in OP(More)
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