G. Daryl Nord

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Data quality is a critical issue during the implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Data quality problems can have a significant impact on an organisation’s information system. Therefore, it is essential to understand data quality issues to ensure success in implementing ERP systems. This paper uses SAP as an example of an ERP system(More)
The perceived status of journals in which MIS research is published is an important issue to academics. The number of IS-related journals has increased through the years, yet it is not obvious which are the "leading" journals or what criteria should be used to determine this. This article addresses these issues by: (1) evaluating and analyzing previous(More)
Data quality issues have become increasingly critical for information systems applications in organizations of all sizes. This paper presents results from a large-scale Australian survey of Australian CPA members. The research investigates major stakeholders’ opinions on the importance of critical success factors affecting data quality and the actual(More)
  • G. Daryl Nord
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  • 1990
Expert systems are designed to replicate the functions executed by a human expert and are developed by analyzing, or breaking down, the decision situation under study; reformulating or reflecting the decision situation; and putting the system on to the computer (Mockler, 1988). .An expert system is a computer program that relies on knowledge and reasoning(More)
I. INT-RODUCTHON There is little question that technology will continue to play a major role within the corporate structure well beyond the year 2000. The overaH success of that role will largely be measured bar& on the availability of qualified IT professionals. What factors are perceived to be important for effective performance in an Information Systems(More)
1 Flash flooding is a potentially destructive natural hazard known 2 to occur in the Cévennes-Vivarais region in southern France. HyMeX 3 (Hydrological Cycle in the Mediterranean Experiment) is an interna4 tional program focused on understanding the hydrological cycle in the 5 Mediterranean basin. Soil moisture is known to be a useful indicator 6 of(More)