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Introduction Organisations have often erred in maintaining existing information systems, when those systems were no longer manageable or profitable. A significant investment is required, however, to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and the supporting technology required to become more competitive and to obtain company-wide control and(More)
The perceived status of journals in which MIS research is published is an important issue to academics. The number of IS-related journals has increased through the years, yet it is not obvious which are the "leading" journals or what criteria should be used to determine this. This article addresses these issues by: (1) evaluating and analyzing previous(More)
Data quality issues have become increasingly critical for information systems applications in organizations of all sizes. This paper presents results from a large-scale Australian survey of Australian CPA members. The research investigates major stakeholders' opinions on the importance of critical success factors affecting data quality and the actual(More)
Since the conception of the electronic computer, software technology has evolved through four stages or generations: machine, assembler, high-level or third generation (3GL), and fourth generation languages (4GL). The fourth generation of software is non-procedural in nature; that is, 4GL's employ a small set of powerful commands that tell the computer what(More)