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This investigation develops a theoretical model for microwave and mm-wave propagation and scattering in vegetation that is based on radiative transfer theory (transport theory). The time-dependent, three dimensional, scalar radiative transport equation is solved (to a high degree analytically and then numerically) for strong forward scattering of a pulsed(More)
A computationally efficient method to obtain design parameters for tapered radiators is presented. The method uses a local mode theory in conjunction with the Schelkunoff equivalence principle. Radiation patterns of directive gain for dielectric wedge antennas of varying lengths and different dielectric constants are presented. Both the TE and TM cases are(More)
A rigorous TE solution to the dielectric wedge antenna fed by a slab waveguide of the same material is presented. The method of solution involves modeling the wedge as a sequence of step discontinuities and uses an iterative procedure to track forward and backward partial wave fields, expressed as modal expansions, to obtain the rigorous field solution.(More)
A new full-wave theory for scattering from rough dielectric surfaces-called the correction current (CC) method-is presented. An iterative solution is developed leading to a first-order scatter pattern in the form of a single integral, making it computationally efficient and capable of showing surface parameter dependencies explicitly. The first-order(More)
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