G. D. Ramteke

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This paper deals with pitch estimation of spoken Devnagari vowels from the original speech signals. Devnagari vowels are playing the vital role in pronunciation of any word. Each vowel is classified as starting, middle and end according to the duration of occurrences in the word. The Devnagari script having 12-vowels and 34-consonants are used in some(More)
The paper presents a speech synthesis (SS) system for Hindi vowel. The system supports two aspects: text processing and voice generation. Text processing belongs to the shape of character and voice generation is in the audible form. With the help of a couple of aspects, the concatenative-based approach has used for SS-system. In the system, any type of(More)
This paper describes pitch estimation of Marathi spoken numbers which are extracted the features from various speech signals. The speech frequencies of Marathi spoken numbers are acquired by various male and female speakers. The pitch frequencies are normalized using PRAAT tool. The pitch contours are compared with pitch detector. The autocorrelation and(More)
The paper proposes a numerical TTSsynthesis system in Marathi, Hindi and English languages. The system is in audible forms based on the sounds generated from several numeric units. A hybrid technique is newly launched for a numerical text-to-speech technology. The technique is divided into different phases. These numerical phases include pre-processing,(More)
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