G D Hufstedler

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Fourteen crossbred wether lambs (average BW, 28 kg +/- 2.3) were either implanted (12 mg of zeranol) or not implanted and group-fed an 86% concentrate diet for 21 d. Lambs were then moved to metabolism stalls and fed .8 kg/d for a 10-d stall adjustment followed by a 7-d total collection of feces and urine. Feed, feces and urine were analyzed for Ca, P, Mg,(More)
Forty crossbred wethers (average weight 30 kg) were implanted with zeranol (12 mg) at 30-d intervals and fed at two levels of intake in a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement of treatments to determine performance, carcass and bone characteristics, blood metabolites, and hormones. Restricted lambs were fed to gain one-half the BW gained by lambs with ad libitum feed(More)
This research was designed to evaluate the effect of monensin (Elanco Animal Health, Greenfield, IN) supplementation via mineral or pressed protein block with or without a growth-promoting implant on performance of steers grazing wheat pasture in Arkansas over 2 yr. Preconditioned steers (n = 360, BW = 238 ± 5.1 kg) grazed 15 1.6-ha wheat pastures in the(More)
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